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Mpombo urges parties to raise bar…or become political scrap yards.

Mpombo urges parties to raise bar
…or become political scrap yards.
VETERAN politician George Mpombo says the August 12 general elections has raised the bar for political parties because of the high-level of political awareness and expectations among Zambians.
Mr Mpombo, who was Defence Minister in the MMD administration, in an interview said opposition political parties should rebrand or else they would become political scrap yards.
He said that the MMD was now at the same league with UNIP which was another floundering former ruling party.
“The tragic inevitability of maintaining the present status quo is that the party will remain a political empty shell, it’s really flabbergasting that the former ruling party could even fail to win a single seat at council level, furthermore the perpetual squabbles have left the party on a life threatening drip,” he said.
Mr Mpombo said if it were in advanced democracies like UK, the dismal performance of some political parties in the last election would have resulted in the resignation of the party leadership to pave the way for a new beginning.
He said parties like the PF needed to learn from the two former ruling parties if they were to remain relevant and not go into oblivion like UNIP and MMD.
Mr Mpombo said New Hope MMD president Nevers Mumba’s statement that the party needed to be written off as stomach-churning realisation that the party was heading towards a political “scrap yard” and needed a new injection of turbo-charged leadership and coherent direction.

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