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THE Emeralds and Precious Stones Association of Zambia has advised the new Minister of Mines and Minerals Development, Paul Kabuswe not to be compromised by mine owners if he can achieve more in improving the mining sector.

Association president Victor Kalesha said the mine owners has a tendency of bribing Government officials in order for them not understand what prevails on the ground.

Mr Kalesha said the mining sector is critical for the country hence need a neutral person to head it.

In an interview yesterday, he said mine owners always want to deny Zambians from benefiting from the mines.

“We are appealing to the new Mines Minister to get to work. He should start visiting the mines he shouldn’t start meeting mine owners and drink tea.

The Minister shouldn’t be bribed because this is what mine owners do,” he said.

Meanwhile Mr Kalesha has advised the new Minister to  consult relevant stakeholders in whatever government intend to do.

“If really the minister want to succeed he need to be very consultative, he should engage stakeholders at all time and he must be a listening hear,” Mr Kalesha said.

He said stakeholders will help the minister to have accurate information of what is prevailing I the sector.

Mr Kalesha also said the association will closely work with the minister in order for the emerald sector to flourish.

On Tuesday President Hakainde Hichilema appointed Paul Kabuswe, the Chililabombwe lawmaker as Minister of Mines and Minerals Development

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