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Dear Editor,

MINISTRY of Green Economy and Environment does not make sense at all looking at the context, time and space of Zambia at the moment.

Yes, we need a green economy and environment but that mission at the moment is like someone selling plastics in town and buys a Lamborghini.

He has no proper house, less capital etc and he goes and buys that which he won’t manage even to service.

Rwanda, South Africa, Egypt, Namibia have those ministries because they first worked on all bare necessities first.

This is why even Miles Sampa failed with his tree planting in Lusaka… he started the project not knowing who will be watering those trees, who will be guarding them etc.

The situation of Zambia at the moment is first we have to work on basic needs first, issues of work, employment, empowerment etc.

Once those are done, then the issue of Green Economy and Environment comes in… How do you advocate for a Greed Economy and Environment when the environment is already brown because of the situation. Let’s table things affecting the people directly and the rest will follow.

Let’s follow the normal procedures of life, you can’t be in heaven without passing through paradise or purgatory… Your life has to be cleared first.

Zambia has to be cleansed and dusted first before we talk about Green Environment and Economy.

Yes, the world is changing, things are moving, but that doesn’t mean we are at the same pace with Third World countries. We are in 2021 but 100 years backwards in comparison to them.

Let’s not envy where they are, let’s begin from the ground and begin to make a difference. You can’t jump from zero to hero.


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