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VETERAN politician George Mpombo has described the utterances by former Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube on the presidential appointments and ministry realignment as misleading.
Mr Mpombo said that constitutional lawyer, John Sangwa, had given proper advice over the issue unlike what Mr Ngulube was saying.
He said he appreciated that President Hakainde Hichilema had admitted the legal anomaly in the realignment of certain ministries and had advised appointees not to report for duties until Parliament ratifies their creation and realignment.
“Mr Sangwa is correct, the President must ignore the mishmash of half-baked legal opinions and respecting the constitution of the country is the bedrock of sound democratic tenets,” he said.
He recalled that several years ago, First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda reversed the appointment of Mr Justin Chimba as High Commissioner to Kenya.
This was after his attention was drawn to the constitution which stipulated that someone who had lost a parliamentary seat in a general election was not eligible for ambassadorial appointment.
Mr Mpombo explained that this forced Dr Kaunda to recall Mr Chimba from Foreign Service and his appointed nullified.
He said Mr Ngulube needed to be sincere over the matter and tell the Head of State the truth and not what was happening at the moment.

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