THE silence by the Patriotic Front (PF) after losing power should not be misconstrued for cowardice but mere reorganising in readiness for future battles, former Tourism Minister Ronald Chitotela has said.

Mr Chitotela, who is a member of the PF central committee, said most former ministers and close associates were not being vocal because they were reorganising.

The Pambashe Member of Parliament said it was not true that PF senior members are scared that they might face persecution by the new government. Mr Chitotela dismissed the claim and said the UPND’s strategy was different from the PF and that people should not think that they were scared.

 “Surely, what can we be scared of? The thing is that the party has a strategy and that is what they were following unlike the perception on the ground,” he said.

He said that the game of politics was about strategy and not just ranting and that as a former minister he did not want to respond to social media attacks. Mr Chitotela maintained that there was nothing to be worried about. “We are going to give checks and balances when the time is right and not just mere politicking just because we are in opposition, he said. He said the PF would come out stronger after the August 12 debacle and had learnt a big lesson

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