INDEED, Zambians must turn up in large numbers and get vaccinated against Covid-19 before the fourth wave sets in.

Government has been rolling out vaccines – Johnson and Johnson, Sinopharm as well as AstraZeneca dose one and dose two.

One of the most devastating effects of Covid-19 has been deaths of people including those in their prime age of their life.

The pandemic has scuttled the education calendar and also impacted negatively on the economic outlay of the country.

Many countries have had to close their borders and also imposed other restrictions such as lock downs, thereby restricting economic activities.

On many occasions, businesses and schools have been closed as a preventive measure against the spread of the virus.

All businesses, small and big have been impacted negatively as they have had to absorb rising costs.

In fact, the Zambian economy was already stressed and the outbreak of Covid-19 worsened the situation.

In Zambia, the healthcare system has been strained such that focus has shifted from other serious health challenges such as malaria to Covid-19 prevention, education and treatment.

At global level, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, recently insisted that there are no shortcuts, hence recommended a comprehensive and proven public health and social measures in combination with vaccination.

Therefore, Zambians must believe in vaccines instead of debating conspiracy theories that tend to discourage others.

Despite the speed at which vaccines were developed, they were subjected to rigorous scrutiny and scientific regulation and proved to be safe.

Government has now and against stressed that a vaccinated person cannot get very sick as to get hospitalised or die.

Yes, a vaccinated person can get infected with Covid-19 in mild levels, but unvaccinated persons get really sick and drift into a comatose. So why resist vaccination!

However, Health Minister Sylvia Masebo, has assured that Government will upscale the fight against Covid-19, even when the numbers are dropping.

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