THE Patriotic Front (PF) should review its constitution to create more electable positions so that positions are occupied through a democratic process, Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa has said.

Mr Sampa said the current situation were most positions were not electable was encouraging laziness among those close to the appointing authority.

He said having elected leaders in office would ensure that the will of the general membership was considered during the rebranding period.

Mr Sampa said in an interview that in the future members of the PF central committee needed to consider increasing the number of positions that would be contested.

“I feel there is need for the party to increase the seats to be contested to enhance hard work in the party unlike what the current situation is,” he said.

Mr Sampa said that certain positions were just a premise of the party president and that they were not contested.

He said he was sure that in the future the party would consider changing part of the constitution to ensure that it brought about new and constructive clauses.

Mr Sampa however said that it was up to the members of the central committee to undertake such initiative as he was just an ordinary member.

“My appeal is just for the members of the central committee to consider looking at this because it will encourage hard work among party members who will be accountable to the people that voted for them and not the appointing authority,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Sampa said that the PF need not do this in a hurry but with time and that what was important was for it to reorganise and rebrand.

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