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MEMBERS of Parliament have unanimously approved the re-alignment and creation of new ministries by President Hakainde Hichilema.

Earlier Vice President and leader of government business W.K Mutale Nalumango moved a motion in the house to request the house to approve the proposed establishment, merger and dissolution of government ministries.

Under article 92 sub article 2 d of the constitution the president is empowered to establish, merge and dissolve government ministries subject to the approval of the house.

In thanking the members of Parliament that debated the motion, Mutale- Nalumango assured that the department of guidance,religious affairs , values and principles will be placed under the vice president as it was central.

She also assured that the aspect of art was placed under the ministry of sport.

Supporting the re-alignment and creation of new ministries, PF shiwang’andu member of parliament Steven Kampyongo said the government should endeavor to follow laid down procedures and order, in reference to the appointment of ministers to ministries that were not yet approved.

Kamyongo said that the PF would not fight the re-alignment and abolishment of ministries because they were progressive.
He urged the minister local government to pay attention to the affairs of chiefs.

He also warned that the constituency of the church had largely grown and that if not managed properly by the ministry of home affairs and internal security become a potential danger to national security.

And Kangombe said it was his hope that the UPND won’t regret abolishment’s of some ministries.

Kabushi member of parliament Bowman Lusambo said that the re-alignment of ministries was non-controversial motion because it was presidential preserve allegedly accommodate the President’s friends in government ministries.

ministers that were appointed to head new and re-aligned ministries will now commence work.

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