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THE planned sale of Presidential jet by the UPND government is illegal and a security breach, Lusaka lawyer Jonas Zimba has said.
Mr Zimba said the Presidential Jet was a military asset which cannot be sold for political reasons and without following disposal guidelines.
UPND spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa, announced yesterday that the Presidential Jet, the G-650 Aircraft would be actioned as promised during the campaign period.
Mr Mweetwa said cabinet would soon make consideration concerning the matter.
But Mr Zimba said it would be illegal for the UPND government to sale the jet.
“The planned sale of Presidential jet is illegal and unacceptable. The Presidential Jet is a military installations therefore cannot be sold just like that,” Mr Zimba said.
Mr Mweetwa had indicated at a media briefing that President Hichilema’s campaign promises on the Presidential Jet had not changed.
“It will be a subject of consideration for sale or auction. I am here on behalf of UPND to reiterate the position of the President that he has not changed, not even an inch.
“There is no shift of goal posts, what the President promised the people of this country remains the same that a Presidential Jet will be a consideration and subject of sale, as such. His position as given during campaigns remains unchanged whatsoever,” Mr Mweetwa said.
He said Government was collecting information on how the jet was procured to fully understand how the transaction was done before making a final decision.
Mr Mweetwa said the final decision would be made by the Cabinet after consultation and the public would be informed.
He said President Hichilema would not use the jet for any immediate assignments including his scheduled trip to the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.
He said President Hichilema would use a commercial plane for his trip to the United States next week with a small entourage to demonstrate his willingness to save money.

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