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Proposed toll fees to increase cost of living – Dodia 


Proposals to raise toll fees would increase the cost of living for private car owners especially those commuting in and out of major towns for work and business, chairperson of the Private Sector Development Association (PSDA), Yusuf Dodia has said.

Government has proposed an increase in toll fees to reflect the real value of the currency and bring payable currency closer to the standard US$2 per passenger car unit.

Mr Dodia said in an interview that the increase from K20 to about K40 would hurt every Zambian who owns a car given the unfavourable economic conditions.

“This proposal were the toll fees are expected to go up by 100 percent from K20 to K40 is going to affect private car owners and the cost of living for them will go up,” he said.

He said the proposed increment was an added cost to the already high cost of living especially that the price of fuel has gone up making the price of essential commodities to go up as well.

Mr. Dodia said although the move is a revenue mechanism venture for the government, it would pose as a big challenge to car owners who are already struggling to put fuel in the vehicle.


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