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‘There are no moves to postpone PF convention to create room for ECL’


THERE are no manoeuvres by senior members of the Patriotic Front to postpone the elective convention to create room for former head of state Edgar Lungu (ECL) to continue as party president, the party’s national chairperson, Mr Davies Chama has said.

Mr Chama said it was wrong for some members to suspect that some senior officials were trying to impose Mr Lungu.

He said there were no such plans by the PF to try to bring about gimmicks because President Lungu has made it clear that he had run his race and would not take part in any elections.

“One thing you should know is that President Lungu is a man of his word therefore when he says he is done with politics he means it,” Mr Chama said.

Meanwhile, Mr Chama said Mr Lungu’s close relatives were being targeted by the investigative wings because people thought he wanted to make a comeback in 2026.

He said the former Head of State had indicated that he was not interested in taking part in active politics hence they did not have to worry.

Mr Chama said it was gratifying that the former Head of State had come out in the open to dispel the assertions that he was still interested in running for the presidency.

Mr Chama said the convention would be held “come rain come sunshine” and that they were working round the clock to ensure that logistics were put in place.

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