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Women MP’s pass vote of no confidence in police


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) women members of Parliament have passed a vote of no confidence in the Zambia Police because of their inertia and failure to have announced the abduction of Pamela Chusumpa and 12 other girls that were found in the now haunted Chalala house in Lusaka.

The female parliamentarians said it was unfortunate that 13 young women could be abducted and the police could not inform the nation even after the parents of the girls had reported their disappearance.

Ms Brenda Nyirenda, the Lundazi PF Member of Parliament says the former ruling party is now questioning the competence of the police in a matter that had drawn concern among Zambians.

Ms Nyirenda said a lot had been happening and the police had decided to sweep abductions under the carpet for unknown reasons.

And her Mfuwe counterpart Ms Maureen Mabonga expressed shock that while the country was looking for one girl whose abduction had gone viral, there were 12 other girls who were abducted in the city for which the police were aware of.

Ms Mabonga said police would have tipped the public about other girls who were abducted and they were supposed to warn parents to take care of their children.

“We are heartbroken by what happened yesterday. As you may all be aware, we knew of one girl who went missing about six months ago – Pamela. And all of us have been looking for one girl. As of yesterday, we discovered that there were 12 more girls who were abducted and these girls have been sexually abused, one of them is pregnant and we are just wondering what could have happened,” Ms Mabonga said.

Dressed in black, the PF parliamentarians said they were not happy that the police had elected to remain silent over a matter that involved the life of young girls.

They said while the country was looking for one girl, the police were aware that 12 more had been abduxcted but decided not to inform the nation for reasons unknown.

The women MPs are now demanding that the police should assure tham that there were no other abductions that the police were aware of but had were quiet about them.

“We decided to come in black, we are not happy, we are mourning, we are very sad, we are heartbroken and we feel for the parents of those women. We were looking for one girl and yet we had 12 girls who were missing. We want assurance from Government that our children are safe. We are not even done talking about sodomy, our boys were sodomized.” she said.

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