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New political party UPND sponsored – Lubinda


IF ever there shall be the so called breakaway political formation from the Patriotic Front (PF), there is no doubt that it shall be sponsored by the UPND in its desperate attempt to weaken and annihilate the former ruling party, Given Lubinda has said.

Mr Lubinda has however declared that the PF was erected on the foundation of a strong political rock and that the UPND shall not succeed in their schemes to politically exterminate the former governing party by way of sowing seeds of confusion.

A new political formation called Unified Progressive Movement (UPM) has been formed and speculations are to the effect that it is a breakaway political party from the PF, which is due to go for its convention in March next year. 

But Mr Lubinda, the acting president of the PF says the former ruling party would not be ruling out the involvement of the UPND in the formation of the new political party believed to be a breakaway from the former ruling party.

Mr Lubinda said while the PF was aware about the new political formation, it was their suspicion that the UPND could have sponsored the individuals involved so as to weaken and decimate the former ruling party before the 2026 general elections.

He claimed that the UPND had from the time they ascended to power been maneuvering and scheming to dismantle the PF because the ruling party had realized that the former governing party had galvanized and maintained its support base even after losing power in 2021.`

Efforts to get UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa failed as his mobile phone went unanswered on several time. The UPND secretary general Batuke Imenda’s phone was off by press time.

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