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LUSAKA clergyman, John Nundwe, alias Bishop John General, has asked the High Court to send to prison for contempt of court the Chief Passport and Citizenship Officer for refusing to renew his passport when he is a Zambian.

Mr Nundwe, a Bishop of Miracle Impact Ministries International Church located in Matero Township claims that the Chief Passport Citizenship Officer has disobeyed the High Court judgement dated September 20, 2012, by Judge  Chalwe Mchenga. that established his  nationality as a Zambian.

According to a statement in support of an ex-parte notice of motion for leave for an order of committal for contempt of court filed by his lawyers George Kunda and Company, Mr Nundwe who reside at House no. B2 A11, Mutandwa Road, Roma township, Lusaka, bemoaned the continued prosecution over his nationality.

He stated that he was entitled to the rights and privileges of a Zambian citizen including the right of renewal of his passport.

Mr Nundwe contends that the respondents had undermined the jurisdication of the court which established that he was a Zambian citizen, impeding the administration of justice and puts the reputation of the Court into mischief.

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