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…impeachment initiative an attempt to resurrect itself


THE Patriotic Front (PF) is dead and there shall be no kind of magic that will be employed to resurrect the party because Zambians were no longer interested in associating themselves with the former ruling party, Percy Chanda has said.

Mr Chanda, the UPND chairman for mines has accused the PF of engaging in clandestine activities of recruiting some characterless opposition political parties to help the former ruling party fight for its survival.

He said the PF was trying to prove its relevance to the political landscape by attempting to oust President Hakainde Hichilema through a bogus impeachment scheme which he warned would only end hurting the former ruling party. 

Mr Chanda has alleged that out of desperation, the PF and its allies had since embarked on a futile mission of impeaching President Hichilema and has dared them to go ahead with the motion in parliament.

He claimed the former ruling party was manipulating some opposition political parties to help it escape its own corruption cases which had seen most of its former leaders arraigned before the courts of law.

Mr Chanda however said the impeachment fight that the PF had launched against President Hichilema would not yield any results because the former ruling party was lifeless and gone for good.

He said the UPND was aware that the PF was attempting to resurrect itself and was using unorthodox political machinations to scandalise President Hichilema so that Zambians could rise against him.

Mr Chanda has warned the former ruling party to tread carefully because the government party was watching every part of their manoeuvres and would not hesitate to unleash its political arsenal to defend the Head of State.

“The PF is dead but we know that it is working hard to resurrect itself. We know the former ruling party is recruiting some not-so-well-known opposition political parties in a bid to impeach President Hichilema. But let them know that they will never succeed because the UPND is such an organised political formation. So our advice is that let the PF concentrate on defending themselves from the many corruption charges they are facing rather than wasting time dreaming of ousting President Hichilema through a bogus impeachment,” Mr Chanda said.

 He further claimed that leaders from the former ruling party were panicking and doing things out of fear of going to prison due to the heighted fight against corruption.

Mr Chanda advised PF to stop their dubiously maneuvers of wanting to bring anarchy in the country.

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