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We risk dying of hunger – Mpezeni


IF I’m scared to tell the government the truth about the scenario on the ground then my subjects may die of hunger, Paramount Chief Mpezeni has said.

Chief Mpezeni said that the MPs that had been voted into office had deserted the people and were not helping the people that voted for them.

He said that the current situation was quite bad because they did not have a say at State House and that they were scared of the President.

Chief Mpezeni said the MPs were not doing a good job and that once in office they forgot and only concentrated on themselves.

“If I’m scared, I will kill you but this is the job of the MP who are not doing anything at the moment,” Chief Mpezeni said.

He said he was not scared and that the government needed to be told the truth of what was really transpiring. He said their main concern was getting allowances and that they were preoccupied with enriching their lives and that of their families.

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