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Milupi, four UPND cadres reported to police for hate speech, threatening violence


CHARLES Milupi, the Minister of Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Trevor Mwiinde, Moses Mokela, Bruce Kanema and Philip Musela, the four UPND zealots have been reported to police for hate speech, inciting violence and threatening violence.

Chishala Kateka, the New Heritage Party (NHP) president, has reported Mr Milupi and four UPND cadres who have been spewing tribal remarks and hate speech against former President Edgar Lungu and all those close to him but police had not moved to arrest them.

Ms. Kateka formally reported Mr Milupi, UPND deputy national youth chairperson, Trevor Mwiinde, UPND councillor for Kabinza ward, Moses Mokela, UPND North-Western, youth chairperson, Bruce Kanema, UPND chairperson in charge of security in Livingstone, Philip Musela.

She said Zambia was slowly (actually – rapidly) being drawn into a country that was characterised by violence because the UPND cadres and CLICK TO READ MORE


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