In recent years, there has been a remarkable shift in the business world. Female entrepreneurs are
now emerging as powerful forces, disrupting industries and challenging traditional business norms.
The current female entrepreneurs are not only bringing fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the table but also leveraging the market space to gain a competitive edge. And for, Mwangala
Lisulo Sikazwe, the CEO and proprietor of not one but two business brands, Senergyze Solutions Enterprises (since January 2015) and Pinkworth Store (since April 2019)
located at Eastpark Mall near Shoprite Zambia, figuring out her niche market was essential process of starting her businesses as she wanted to provide a product and service that connects with target audience’s wants and needs, and change the landscape of entrepreneurship.
Regarded as one of the most influential, creative and visionary entrepreneurs, Mwangala, has managed
to create and cement her entrepreneurship ambitions through the two business brands as they have seen exponential growth in
their enterprise. Today,
the Senergyze Solutions Enterprises and Pinkworth Store brands, not only point
to how far they have come, but to where they are going, as seen from her clientele
list, which includes some notable Zambian business brands for their cooperate services and products.
Asked what separates the
two businesses from others, she responded, “Our focus, speed and determination to delivery quality services and products, precisely, when
the order has been placed, coupled with some amazing customer service as the selling point, which has helped our businesses to expand in a short span of time making us the most sought after. In short, we always prioritize customer satisfaction and always make sure we strive to bring our
clients’ needs and wants in what we do”
Her mission is simple and clear: engaging branding and customer-first culture; as she makes major strides to offer services and products in; Corporate hampers, Corporate decor’, Corporate Branding, Corporate gift wrapping, Any occasion gift wrapping, Gift bags, Fruit hampers, Gift hampers, Birthday hampers, Wedding hampers, Chilanga mulilo hampers, Kitchen party hampers, Perfume gift sets, including perfumes, roll-ons for both Male and Female, Under wears, Makeup bags, Lipsticks, Lipglosses and a good number of different types of designer body mists. When asked on challenges when
the two businesses started, Mwangala, said theft was
the first challenge, adding, “employing people that have wrong motives is always a mistake. I also realized that remote control business was a mistake especially if you don’t have a good system in place ie POS, random stock taking, CCTV, etc. Another mistake was not being on a salary. I would use money whenever
I wanted. We now have an accountant (3 years) who is our son, Elijah. He is very strict and handles the business accounts, purchasing, salaries, payment of rentals. Future plans are to open stores countrywide in order to give room for more youths to be employed.”


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