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Mikalile Conferred with Honorary Doctorate

Kesmonds International University has conferred on Zambian Businessman and Entrepreneur, Steven Mulenga Mikalile with an Honorary Doctorate in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the business world and his unwavering dedication to the Social Economic growth of Zambia and beyond.

In his congratulatory speech to Doctor Mikalile, Kasama University College of Health Sciences and Technology, Professor Dr. John Phiri said Dr. Mikalile has redefined entrepreneurship through his vision, hard work and relentless effort to excellence.

Dr. Phiri said Dr. Mikalile’s retail outlets are more than just places of commerce but are hubs of community interaction, economic activity and innovation.

“Through his humble beginnings, he has risen to become a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating that with determination and ingenuity, great results can be achieved. His strategic establishment of numerous retail outlets, has created employment opportunities for countless individuals and significantly contributed to the economic development of the country,” emphasized Dr. Phiri.

He added that Dr. Mikalile’s brand has become synonymous with quality, reliability and customer satisfaction and has built a legacy that will continue to influence future generations in entrepreneurs.

“His philanthropic efforts and commitment to corporate social responsibility have made a lasting impact on various communities. He has demonstrated that successful entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with giving back to the community,” said Dr. Phiri.

He added that the Partnership between Kasama University College of Health Sciences and Technology and Kesmonds International University, underscores the importance of collaboration in achieving educational excellence and development goals.

He said as Zambia celebrates Dr. Mikalile’s achievement as a successful businessman it should also take cognize that he is a visionary leader whose work transcends borders and industries.

In His speech Kesmonds University Professor Lawrence Mwelwa poured glowing tribute on Dr. Mikalile and what he stands for as a businessman and his pursuit for educational excellence and success.

And accepting his PHD, Dr. Steven Mulenga Mikallile emphasized the importance of hard work, cooperation, perseverance and trust in achieving results.

Dr. Mikalile who shed tears of joy, said no business can succeed without the help and support of others such as workers, family and customers.

“We need each other in everything we do. Let us be united as Zambians to achieve great results. A prophet is hated in his own country but loved outside his own country. Let us therefore support our own and put in place an enabling environment that will enable local businessmen and women to flourish,” advised Dr. Mikalile.

He called on Mikalile employees to view themselves as partners and shareholders in the business and aspire to contribute to the company their very best.

“Whenever you face challenges aim to do even better because criticisms and problems will always be there, but what is important is to succeed and make a difference in the work place,” said Dr. Mikalile.

Adding his voice, BUK Truck Parts Managing Director Benjamin Katubiya and Mikalile Group Chief Operations Officer (COO) Tamson Tabama appreciated Dr. Mikalile for his simplicity, ability to lead from the front and willingness to listen to others, while having respect for all individuals regardless of age.

Dr. Mikalile’s PHD was conferred on Him by Kesmonds International University of Somalia in collaboration with Kasama University College of Health Sciences and Technology.


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