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Mpezeni decries Jay Jay torture


PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people in Chipata has made an impassioned appeal to the State to allow Emmanuel Jay Banda to completely recover from his abduction ordeal, mental and physical torture he has gruesomely endured in more than 25 days from the time he suffered the first abduction.

And Jackson Silavwe has said it is inhuman and sickening that the State has continued torturing and tormenting Emmanuel Jay Banda, who was three weeks ago allegedly abducted by named high-ranking government officials and Trevor Mwiinde, a UPND operative.

Jay Jay Banda was on Wednesday discharged from Maina Soko Military Hospital but was immediately whisked away in a waiting police vehicle and delivered to the Zambia Police-operated Sikanze Hospital’s maternity ward, only after suffering CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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