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Pay off Mopani workers benefits – Mwenda

By Nation Reporter

KASONDE Mwenda, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) president says the delay to pay Mopani Copper Mine (MCM) workers their benefits after transitioning from ZCCM-IH to International Holdings Resources (IHR) was unacceptable, unjust and an affront to their rights.

Mr Mwenda said miners of Mopani Mine who had been subjected to gross injustices following the takeover over the mine by IHR.

“This takeover has not only failed to secure the miners’ rightful benefits but has also plunged their financial security into uncertainty. The miners are still waiting for their three long years benefits they are entitled to under Zambian labor laws. The transition from ZCCM-IH to IHR has not brought them the payments they deserve. This delay is unacceptable and unjust CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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