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  • With or without the Gulfstream Jet, the poor shall survive

    Dear Editor,WHEN we are just recovering from the fatigue of the debate on the chaotic 2022-2023distribution of the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP), our attention has now been drawntowards the sale of the Gulfstream Jet.At least, the debate on FISP was worth our attention in light of the potential negative impact onnational food security and anticipated reduced productivity among our small-scale farmers.President Hakainde Hichilema re-ignited this debate recently when he reaffirmed that hisadministration is committed to sale of the Gulfstream Jet which cost the national treasury anestimated US$193 million.Former ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba who seems to have impeccable sources within theintelligence…


    FOR how long will the “blame it on PF” be the answer to every failure to perform by the UPND in government? In 2021 it was “it’s because we are using the PF budget they left.” Now we are in 2022 and under the first UPND coined budget from start to finish in about next 25 days and they are still blaming the previous administration. Next, we have been hearing the blame game shift to civil servants even after firing whoever they claim was sympathising with PF. They are  however still blaming the ones they did not fire or ones…

  • Dr. Chilufya bemoans the collapsed health system

    Dear Editor, THE former Minister of Health and Mansa Central Member of Parliament, Dr. Chitalu Chilufya recently bemoaned the collapsed health system in Zambia. This can be evidenced by the shortage of drugs and reagents in the health facilities across the country. The former Minister of Health said that it is unfortunate that people cannot access medicines from clinics and hospitals which has resulted in the patients being given prescriptions to buy their own medicines. Despite the new dawn administration insisting that the hospitals are well stocked with drugs, the reality is that there is a shortage of drugs in…


    December 11, 2021


    Courtesy of Choklet’s Cartoons and illustrations