Waiting for soccer thrills

EMPTY stadiums have now made a quieter soundscape for birds while fans have been left salivating for football action but the Covid-19 virus has deprived them from quenching their thirst for the beautiful game.
It’s been two months of no football, and the Covid-19 enemy is still with us and not leaving any time soon.
The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has been in consultation, strategising on how best the 2019/2020 season can be concluded. FAZ vice president Rix Mweemba this week made a ‘sweet message’ to fans that the local league could return this month-end. FAZ has emphasised that its desire is to end the league on the pitch.
This is surely every football fans’ desire. However, is it a realistic dream and is it a comprehensive rational decision?
If the league is to resume on May 22 (same as the German Bundesliga), players should have been quarantined by now since the health authorities have to ensure each and every player is free from infection.
This fact already shows that it cannot be attained since we are under two weeks from the tentative date.
One very important aspect to look at is on the possibility of quarantining players, match officials, television crews and technical benches for many weeks so that they conclude the nine rounds of matches left.
It will be a cumbersome assignment which can leave clubs who are still gasping for financial stability in limbo as they have to look after all their personnel for several weeks in quarantine.
The last time league games were played was on March 8, which means there has been no action for two months (which will even be more by the end of May).
Players need to have ample time to get back on track and regain physical fitness. They also need psychological preparedness as they are likely to play under closed doors and the matches are expected to be intense.
FAZ therefore, need to put the health of the players first and comprehensively look at the best way of bringing back the league without endangering the precious lives of our football stars.
They can patiently wait for the situation to normalise, and even better if CAF adjusts the calendar.
Healthy lives are more cardinal than our desires.
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