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PARAMOUNT Chief Chitimukulu has endorsed the selection of Professor Nkandu Luo as presidential running mate to President Edgar Lungu.

The Mwinelubemba said in an interview yesterday he was actually the first to congratulate Prof Luo contrary to assertions on social media that he was not happy with the President’s choice of running mate.

UPND deputy secretary-general, Patrick Mucheleka claimed in one of the UPND blogs  that Paramount Chief Chitimukulu was very angry with President Lungu for choosing Professor Luo as his running mate.

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu however said reports suggesting that he was not happy are all lies.

“It is not true that I’m angry about President Lungu’s decision to choose Prof Nkandu Luo as his running mate,” Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba said.

He said he reconciled with Prof Luo and late President Michael Sata before he died.

Chitimukulu said he was the first one to congratulate Prof Luo and wish her well.

“It is all lies that I am against the appointment of Prof Luo as running mate, in fact I was the first one to congratulate her,” he said.

Chitimukulu said he was briefed by the head of State even before the announcement was made.

“I was briefed by the President even before the announcement was made and I said bygones are bygones, I assured the President that I do not hold anything against her because we reconciled,” Mwinelubemba said.

“I reconciled with Prof Nkandu Luo and the late President Sata before he died,” Chitimukulu said.

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu said he was the first person to congratulate her before anybody knew about Prof Luo’s appointment as Presidential running mate.

“Those that are spreading these lies just want to create a wage between the Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE) and Prof Luo otherwise what they are saying is neither here nor there,” Chitimukulu said.

He said those behind the lies are enemies of Prof Luo and are trying by all means to create a wedge between her and the BRE.

President Edgar Lungu has appointed the former Minister of Fisheries and Livestock as his running mate in the August12, 2021 general elections.

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