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as Lubinda says UPND is demon possessed


THE August 12 presidential and general elections will be between the PF and UPND, therefore we have decided to side with the winning team led by President Edgar Lungu, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has said.

NDC acting president Saboi Imboela said they will not field a presidential candidate but instead support the candidature of President Lungu.

Speaking after visiting the PF Secretariat yesterday, Ms Imboela said the NDC members across the country have unanimously endorsed the candidature of President Lungu in the August 12 elections.

Ms Imboela directed all NDC structures and Parliamentary aspiring candidates to rally behind President Lungu during campaigns.

“As of today, all councillors and aspiring candidates should start supporting the candidature of President Lungu,” she directed.

She however explained that by supporting President Lungu, that did not mean they have defected to the ruling party.

Ms Imboela said NDC could not work with its former Alliance partner, the UPND because it is led by selfish individuals who wanted to destroy it even before Government is formed.

PF Member of the Central Committee Given Lubinda who welcomed Ms Imboela and her entourage at the PF Secretariat thanked the NDC for endorsing President Lungu.

Mr Lubinda  urged the PF members to embrace NDC members and campaign peacefully with them to ensure the ruling party retains power.

Meanwhile PF Member of the Central Committee Given Lubinda has charged that  it was not possible for UPND to have a tangible alliance because the party was possessed by a demon.

He said it was for that reason that the opposition UPND could not form any meaningful alliance with any political party.

Mr Lubinda said this yesterday when NDC acting president Saboi Imboela and her senior party officials went to the PF Secretariat to endorse the candidature of President Edgar Lungu in the forthcoming elections.

 Mr Lubinda who thanked Ms Imboela and her team for endorsing President Lungu said it was not possible to work with the UPND because it was demon-possessed.

Mr Lubinda who spoke in Cinyanja said UPND has failed to work with other political party leaders because its leader was not only power hungry but was-possessed.

He recalled how late president Michael Sata wanted to make him his vice president, but after agreeing, he suddenly walked away from the PF-UPND pact.

And PF Lusaka Province chairperson Kennedy Kamba said the party is ready to campaign with the NDC across the province.

Mr Kamba said the ruling party is one big family that is anchored on the principles and values of love for humanity and unity among the people.

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