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NEW Hope MMD president Nevers Mumba’s  bid to contest this year’s Presidential elections is in limbo as his nomination to stand on the party’s ticket is being challenged by the MMD faction led by Raphael Nakacinda.

The Operation Save MMD has asked the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) not to allow Dr Mumba to file in his Presidential nomination papers, alleging that the convention that re-elected him as party president was being challenged in the High Court.

This is according to a letter dated April 30, 2021 signed to the ECZ, from lawyers representing Mr Webby Chipili and 19 other Operation Save MMD members.

“We write to advise your good office not to accept any nominations from the MMD as there is currently a matter before the High Court in which Webby Chipili and 19 others have taken out an action against Elizabeth Chitika and Nevers Mumba under cause number 2021/HP/0305 wherein the convention which elected the current office bearers have been challenged.

“There is also before the High Court contempt proceedings under the same cause number and the said matter is yet to be determined by the court,” part of the letter by Makebi Zulu Advocates reads.

On March 20, this year, Judge Bowa granted the 20 an ex-parte order of injunction restraining Dr Mumba’s group from going ahead with the convention, which was slated for that day.

However, Dr Mumba and the others proceeded to hold the convention.

One of the plaintiffs Geoffrey Mulenga has challenged to Dr Mumba to quit playing hide and seek, but to quickly come out in the open to tell the people that he will not stand.

“Dr Mumba should come out in the open and not be shy to tell his group that he is not going to be on the ballot. The only option left for him is to support President Edgar Lungu, other than that Dr Mumba will be stranded and doomed. Let him not be ashamed, coz of the insults he continues to pour on President Lungu and the PF. President Lungu is winning these elections, and it will be unfortunate for Dr Mumba to lap another five years in the wilderness,” Mr Mulenga said.

Efforts to get Dr Mumba for a comment proved futile by press time.

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