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Covid stalls economy, says Joseph Malanji


The country is not generating enough because of Covid-19 and this has contributed to rising commodity prices, PF Kwacha Constituency parliamentary candidate, Joseph Malanji has said.

Mr Malanji said it was not business as usual worldwide because of Covid-19 restriction, a situation that had prevented a lot of Zambians from engaging in international trade.

“Pandemics come and disrupt the normal way of living many times. Covid-19 has done just that. It has disrupted the ability of Government to raise resources. With diminished resource mobilisation by the government, many sectors have been impacted. We have seen shocks all over our fragile economy.

“But we are not alone. Even bigger economies are suffering. What we must do is just to relate with the people the way President Edgar Lungu has been doing, explaining the issues and the plan to get to a better place. There is no country that can boast of being extremely stable in this Covid-19 era,” he said

Speaking on Radio Ichengelo’s Special Interview, Mr Malanji, who is a member of the PF central committee said  the government was looking at policies that would help harness the country’s economic resources.

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