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ZAMBIANS should ensure they vote for a tested and serious leader not those politicking by saying that they would change the country’s economy in days if voted for, says Howard Kunda, the former Muchinga Member of Parliament.

Mr. Kunda said President Edgar Lungu is a tested and serious leader who has shown political will to fight corruption and has ensured that the country’s economy remains stable during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

He also urged Zambians not to fall for political leaders who are busy lying that they would turn around the country’s economy in days if voted in power because that is nothing but politicking.

“Let us maintain what we have and what we have is President Edgar Lungu because he is a tested leader, don’t follow political leaders who believe in ‘abracadabra’ type of leadership because it does not work like that,” he said.

Mr Kunda was speaking when he featured on Muvi TV’s The Assignment Programme

And Mr. Kunda said it is worrying that corruption has been blown out of proportion at the expense of development.

He said politicising the fight against corruption is not good for a developing nation because it lowers the pace at which development takes place.

“This is a country that is developing so if you are going to politicise everything development would be slower,” Mr. Kunda said.

He commended the government for the political will to fight corruption and for ensuring that there is transparency in issues surrounding government expenditure.

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