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….as he warns teachers deployed to work in rural Kanchibiya that are in the habit of abandoning their stations

Kanchibiya, Tuesday 13 July 2021 (Smart Eagles)

Patriotic Front Kanchibiya Constituency Parliamentary candidate Sunday Chilufya Chanda has assured the people of Chinama ward Chief Luchembechiefdom in Kanchibiya Constituency that he will ensure that the Lokomwila bridge is worked on to make sure that they are no longer cut off from the rest of the Constituency and from accessing other areas.

The foot bridge on lokomwila road is so low that often when the water rises, the foot bridge is submerged, making it dangerous for people to cross especially in the rainy season.

Speaking when he held door to door campaigns in the area, Mr. Chanda said this would be a thing of the past once he is elected into office because he has been to the area and has heard and appreciated the challenges being faced by the people.

“President Edgar Chagwa Lungu cares for every Zambian and has made it a point that every corner of the country should have access to development, this is why he has sent us to see so that we can act on these things.” He said.
“President Lungu has confidence in the candidates fielded for seats across the country and we will ensure that we do what he has sent us to do and that is to make sure that the people see development.” He added.

And Mr. Chanda has warned teachers deployed to rural Kanchibiya that are in the habit of abandoning their stations and failing to do their work while pupils suffer.

He said this after he received reports that some school teachers had left their work stations when schools were still open and were staying in the “boma” leaving the school in the are with only one teacher.

“We do not want people who do not care about our children getting an education, we send our children to school so that they can make something of themselves in future, but if teachers are sent here to teach and they do not carry out their work, what kind of fate are they leaving our children to?” He said.

“We would rather have teachers that are concerned about the welfare of the children so that even as we work on the school infrastructure and the teachers houses, the teachers that we put in there, will be those that are deserving.” Mr. Chanda added.

He further warned that the teachers reported to have abandoned their work stations would be reported to the Teaching Service Commission so that appropriate action can be taken against them.

The PF Parliamentary candidate also assured the people that once august 12 passes and he is ushered into office, he would make sure that the schools in the area are improved.

“Our party manifesto for 2021 to 2026 also puts into account the improvement and upgrading of education infrastructure and I will make sure that Kanchibiya gets it share of this.” Mr. Chanda said.


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