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IT’S unlawful for the new dawn government to use security wings like DEC in an attempt to force the former ruling PF to disclose its funding for the August 12 general election, ZRP leader Wright Musoma has said. 

He said it’s a well-known fact that political parties are not asked to explain the source of funding and wondered why the PF and some members were being segregated by asking them to disclose their financiers.

Mr Musoma said in an interview that it’s unfortunate that the new government of President Hakainde Hichilema was treating the former ruling party as an enemy instead of a partner in national development.

He reminded the UPND that they were once in opposition, and that if the PF then in government had done what they are now doing to the biggest opposition party in the country, they would have not won the August 12 election. 

He advised the UPND government to concentrate on fulfilling and honouring their campaign promises to the people of Zambia, instead of abusing DEC and other investigative wings to settle scores with their perceived enemies.  

Mr Musoma said Mr Hichilema and others in government should heed the Chinese saying “he who wants to kill, should dig two graves,” because they will not be in power forever and another that will take over after them, will do the same.

He said the UPND should remember that political power is not permanent and that those who abuse it have in the past become the victims of the same power that they abused on others. 

Mr Musoma predicted that if those in UPND government continue on their destructive path of vilifying everyone who was in the previous government, the party will not rule beyond the 2026 general election.

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