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THE PF is the biggest threat to the UPND government hence the sponsoring and fanning of confusion to finish off the former ruling party, New Congress Party (NCP) president Peter Chanda has said.

Pastor Chanda said even though he does not have full details, he was convinced that the UPND had something to do with the happenings in the PF. Pastor Chanda said that the PF’s unprecedented development was unmatched and that the UPND knew this, which made them start a campaign to extinguish the PF.

He said the countrywide infrastructure development was a marvel and that even the ruling party knew that their predecessors had done a great job.

“I strongly believe the UPND have a hand in whatever is going on in the opposition but I do not have the facts with me but trust me they are working hard to ensure that they run the PF into extinction,” he said.

He called on the PF to remain united if they were not to go into oblivion like their predecessors in the MMD and UNIP.

Mr Chanda said that the strength of the party was the unity and that once they let it slip out of their hands it would be very difficult to regain.

Meanwhile PF member of the central committee Jean Kapata urged party members to shelve their aspirations and concentrate on knowing what really made the party lose the elections when they had performed very well.

She said it was too early for people to start jostling for power and wanting to replace President Edgar Lungu even before they had done a postmortem.

“We have to sit as a party to ensure that we get to the bottom of our loss before we even start thinking about who should be president of the party, Ms Kapata said.

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