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Suspected outbreak of skin disorder in Chinsali

Suspected outbreak of skin disorder in Chinsali

A suspected skin disease has broken out in Chinsali district which is believed to affect children under the age of 10.

A team from the district nutrition coordinating committee conducted a field exercise to ascertain the causes of the outbreak.

ZANIS reports that among the areas that were visited include high populated places such as Kabuta, Kasubula, Kabungo and Chandamali.

District Medical Officer, David Silweya confirmed receiving reports of skin infections being suspected to be scabies.

Dr. Silweya suspected that the outbreak could be caused by unhygienic or the uncertified products such as soaps that may be used on under five children.

He said the Health office has dispatched a team of surveillance to ascertain the cause and effects of the epidemic disorder.

“We have received reports of a skin disease affecting mainly children under the age 10 in selected areas of Chinsali district and we have since dispatched a surveillance team to get on the ground and establish the cause of this skin disease,” said Dr. Silweya.

And Consumer Care and Protection Commission, Regional Investigating Officer, Brignot Muzyamba expressed interest in knowing what the surveillance results would indicate so that the commission can make further recommendations.

Mr Muzyamba also urged residents to check the expiry dates on goods on the market before purchasing.

He attributed the outbreak of the skin rush in the communities to cheap and unauthorized goods that could have been sneaked into the district.

” We are also concerned and interested at the same time to know what will come out of the surveillance in areas which have reported cases of skin disease,” said Mr. Muzyamba.

Efforts to get a comment from Zambia Consumer Standards Regional Officer proved futile as his phone went unanswered.

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