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Bank sues `missing’ Pamela … to recover loan of over K200,000


TWO years after banker Pamela Gondwe allegedly bolted away with US$400, 000, ABSA have sued her demanding payment of over K200, 000 being monies owed through a housing loan facility in 2010.

Ms Gondwe, whose whereabouts are not yet known but according to the court documents, her address is Stand no.C7.S/D2260 of Lot No.1052/M, Kafue Estates, Lusaka

The ABSA formerly Barclays Bank stated that it entered into a staff loan facility agreement with its former employee, Ms Gondwe.

It agreed to advance to Ms Gondwe a housing loan facility in the sum of K240, 000 together with interest.

However, Ms Gondwe has defaulted despite several reminders and is owing ABSA K271, 102.64.

The bank in its application filed into the Lusaka High Court, is demanding the payment of the said amount or alternatively an order for foreclosure, possession, and sale of subdivision no.2260 of Lot no. 1052/M, Lusaka secured by the mortgage deed dated May 5, 2021.

According to the term of the facility agreement, ABSA would liquidate the advance sum together with interest 240 consecutive monthly instalments spanning a period of 20 years until June 21, 2030.

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