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RESIDENTS of Silverest area in Chongwe have appealed to their member of parliament, Ms Sylvia Masebo to intervene in a matter in which the ministry of Lands allegedly gave them a questionable alternative piece of land after a former government official  acquired a piece of land which was earmarked for a clinic.

The residents are dismayed that the alternative piece of land given to them after former Gender Minister Elizabeth Phiri grabbed the clinic land, was also encumbered as someone else had claim on it.

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In an interview, Silverest residents’ association committee chairperson Kelly Nswana said the land in question was meant for a clinic and the ministry of Health had even drilled a borehole in readiness for its construction. 

He said that it was unfortunate that Ms Phiri showed up to claim the same land. He said that this was unbelievable because the ministry of Health could not have started work on a piece of land which was questionable. He said that the community has tried to reason with Ms. Phiri, but she has not been cooperative. 

Ms Phiri has title to the said piece of land, as confirmed by the Daily Nation who had sight of it.

Mr Nswana however lamented that the ministry of Lands gave them an alternative piece of land after Ms Phiri allegedly refused to surrender the land on which she had constructed some unfinished flats.

He however said that he had received reports that an unknown person has since come to claim the alternative piece of land.

He said that the residents were demanding answers to the impasse that has dragged on for a long time while they continue to walk long distances to access health care services.

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