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PF power struggle erupts


CONTENTION over holding of the PF covention to replace party president, Edgar Lungu has erupted with some members supporting Chishimba Kambwili who want the convetion to be held immediately while others feel that more time is needed to take stock of the party.

Lusaka Provincial secretary Mwenya Matafwali says only those who are not popular on the ground are against holding an early general conference to elect new leaders.

Mr Matafwali said the general membership of the former ruling party wanted the general conference to be held before next year to elect leaders, including the party president who would lead them to the August 12, 2026 general elections.

His remarks came after PF Eastern Province Information and Publicity secretary William Phiri said holding the general conference to elect a party president before the end of this year would be premature.

Mr Phiri said PF was just from a painful loss and it needed to re-organise itself before holding a general conference.

But Mr Matafwali said contrary to Mr Phiri’s suggestion, the general membership wanted a general conference to be held early as the quickest way of reinstating the party.

He accused those discouraging the early general conference as unpopular candidates who were scared of being rejected by the general membership.

Mr Matafwali said the party structure in Lusaka and other regions were in support of PF Secretary-General Davies Mwila’s remarks that the party was ready to replace Mr Lungu, who was about to retire from active politics.

Mr Mwila had announced that PF would hold the general conference before the end of this year to elect a new leader.

But Mr Phiri said anyone calling for an early general conference did not mean well for the party.

“The PF is undergoing very serious turbulences right now and all we need to do is to reorganise the structures first.

You can’t hold a general conference to replace Mr Lungu alone but to start with lower organs up to the province. We need fresh elections and to rebrand.

“We cannot rebrand with the same old faces that insulted ECL when they trekked to other political parties and came back in the name of reconciliation and forgiveness. We cannot rebrand with the same old faces that made us to lose the elections. People want to see new and credible faces,” Mr Phiri said.

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