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…Rampant nullification of parliamentary seats shows how the whole system is erroneous – Silavwe


THE  nullification of parliamentary and local government seats is a strong indication that the country’s electoral system and process is flawed and needs urgent attention, the Golden Party of Zambia (GPZ) has charged.

But in an interview, Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) corporate affairs manager, Patricia Luhanga said they were reviewing the post-election results and would attend to Mr Silavwe’s concern once done.

“I’m facilitating post-election reviews, I will have a look and come back to you over Mr Silavwe’s remarks,” Ms Luhanga said.

In a statement, Mr Silavwe charged that the electoral process and system was flawed, and needed some fixing.

“Unfortunately, not even our legal system can remedy our electoral system and process. It is fundamentally erroneous and does not represent the uniqueness of our nation nor a new Zambia,” he said.

He explained that the electoral system and process was characterised by un-informed voters, as most of them were ignorant of the roles of a Member of Parliament or indeed a councillor.

Mr Silavwe also claimed that during campaigns, candidates were fond of dishing out money.

He said an average voter at constituency and ward levels expected to be paid or appeased to vote for a candidate, which must not be the case.

“Continuous politicking. Zambians politick from one general election to the other. Everything is politicised in Zambia, real development remains elusive,” he added.

He also said that campaigns were characterised by political pettiness, in that politics were riddled with violence, intolerance and insults powered by a scandal-loving voter or populace.

Mr Silavwe said politicians and their followers wrongly think that for them to ascend to power, they must destroy their competitors

He also expressed sadness that politics was regarded as a source of income and not a vehicle to improve and advance society.

“Zambian politics is highly monetised from nominations, campaigns to keeping a seat,” he said.

Mr Silavwe warned that a flawed system and process could not produce good results for the common advancement of any society.

He called on the government to release a roadmap on Constitutional, institutional and governance reforms so that Zambians could be afforded an opportunity to fix the broken electoral system and process for all.

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