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I’ve not been raided, says Mumbi Phiri

I HAVE not been summoned or visited by any investigative wing contrary to social media propaganda, therefore those saying otherwise are lying, former PF deputy secretary-general, Mumbi Phiri has said.

Ms. Phiri said she was shocked that there were still some people in society who wished worse for others.

In an interview, Ms Phiri stated that she is shocked to see another fake story circulating on various social media platforms purporting that her house was raided by the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) and other investigative agencies.

Ms Phiri said there was too much hatred in the country and people are just used to perceive others as enemies.

Ms Phiri said it is very sad because whoever is circulating such news thought that something would happen, but have been disappointed.

“It is very sad in this country there is petty jealousy, heavy hatred and a lot of innocent people have so far been painted black because of lies.

“This social media campaign started a long time ago and has dented many innocent people’s lives and made people to suffer for nothing” said Ms Phiri.

Ms Phiri also said she is not shaken at all because she knows the truth and her detractors can bring whatever it is they want, but God will protect her.

“No ACC officer has ever come to my house and the story that was circulating that I have been called by the police is fake. I am busy farming and for those who think that something bad will happen to me, they will be disappointed,” Ms Phiri said.


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