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Politicising mining in Lower Zambezi harmful to development – Musoma


POLITICISING mining in the Zambezi National Park is denying ourselves an opportunity to end the economic woes that the country is going hrough, Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) leader, Wright Musoma has said.

Mr. Musoma however warned that the decision to allow mining in the area should not be made to appease the colonial masters but to benefit Zambians.

He said Zambians should not let the campaign promises made by the UPND administration while in the opposition stop them from supporting decisions made in the best interest of the nation.

He said in an interview that the fact the UPND condemned the decision by the Patriotic Front (PF) to commence mining in the Lower Zambezi shouldn’t stop the nation from doing the right thing.

Mr. Musoma said mining activities in the area should be allowed to create employment for the many unemployed Zambians and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

“Mining in Lower Zambezi should be supported because we may be discouraging something that is going to help the country overturn the economic woes in which we are,” Mr. Musoma said.

He said once mining in the Lower Zambezi starts, many people would be employed and be able to contribute significantly to the growth of the nation.

Mr. Musoma said much as the animals should be protected, the country’s economic growth was fundamental hence the need for Zambians to support mining in the area.

“Although we want to protect the animals we should not allow the copper which is there to go to waste, animals can be transferred to other places if their place of habitation is tampered with but minerals cannot,” he said.


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