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‘Halt Black Mountain operations’


MANY lives will be lost if government does not put in safety measures for small scale miners mining at black mountain, mining expert, Edward Simukonda, has said.

Mr Simukonda was reacting to images of a mass of people rushing to the black mountain without due regard to safety.

In one of the  videos which has gone viral, small-scale miners are seen climbing the black mountain to extract some minerals.

And Mr Simukonda said small-scale miners undertaking mining activities at black mountain are not following required safety measures which is a source of concern.

In an interview, he said Government should have ensured that no miner will undertake mining if they do not have safety clothing and proper machinery.

He said what is currently happening is disaster waiting to happen because some people are rushing for the top of the mountain while some where operating from below.

“This is a most unfortunate situation, what we are seeing at the black mountain, it’s unbelievable. This has never happened in Zambia whereby mining activities have been neglected to this extent.

“One wonders where the mine safety department is.  I thought we were promised that there will be safety but I don’t see any form of safety taking place at this black mountain,” he said.

Mr Simukonda said any kind of activity must be halted in order to safeguard lives of people.

“This is a looming disaster, lives will be lost. I can’t find words to describe what is happening at the black mountain.

This is very embarrassing, I think the world is laughing at us. This is the worst form of mining I have seen in my life. I have been to  many parts of Africa and I have never seen such kind of mining,” he said.


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