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…Rogue Bemba chiefs face dethronement


SOME Bemba chiefs are expected to be dethroned and suspended by ILAMFYA which is the highest court in the bemba land for indiscipline and conniving to oust Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Mwinelubemba  Kanyanta Manga 2.

Speaking at ILAMFYA, Paramount Chief Chitimukulu says he is aware of a number of chiefs in the bemba land that are undermining the bemba chiefdom through their indisciplined activities and interaction with politicians.

The Chitimukulu says to protect the interests of the chiefdom, some of the  chiefs will be dethroned while others maybe suspended at the ILAMFYA.

“I want to warm you that ILAMFYA is aware of some of the mischievous and indisciplined activities that are undermining the  bemba chiefdom and it is for this reason that some of you will be suspended and dethroned to protect the chiefdom,” the traditional leader said.

 The traditional leader said that he will not allow a few chiefs to undermine the traditional leadership in the bemba land,  warning them to be wary of some politicians that promise them the Chitimukulu position.

Chitimukulu said that a number of chiefs have neglected their duties and responsibilities for their selfish interests thereby causing people to suffer adding that some are undermining the Chitimukulu position.

“Some of you are busy doing your own selfish things while neglecting your subjects and undermining my authority hence I want to warm you that all these things you are doing have been presented to the ILAMFYA,” he said.

Meanwhile the traditional leader has called on the chiefs to ensure that they prepare their children for the future by ensuring that they are self-reliant as opposed to being  dependent them. He said that a lot of families of chiefs are left to suffer after the  death of a chief hence the need to venture into investment opportunities that can sustain them in the future.        

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