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ECL not under house arrest, says Musoma

…wonders why the UPND is scared of the former President, says restricting him is against his constitutional rights


FORMER President Edgar Lungu is not under house arrest for the UPND to restrict his movements and he should never at any time be gagged because he is a citizen with the rights to make observations of how the country is being governed, Wright Musoma has said.

Mr Musoma, the president of the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) says former President Lungu is legally entitled to his benefits and should not live under the mercy of the UPND administration for his entitlements.

Mr Musoma said it was total lack of respect for the UPND to be commenting on Mr Lungu’s benefits each time he appeared in public or made public statements on matters affecting the country and its governance.

He wondered why the UPND was getting agitated each time the former President appeared in public or commented on the affairs of the country.

He said Mr Lungu was not a prisoner that people should become apprehensive whenever he says anything in public.

Mr Musoma said Mr Lungu was a Zambian who was free to comment on national issues like any other person in the country.

He said the reason why the UPND were always agitated about the former president was because they fear him, as he was loved by a lot of people.

Mr Musoma said the UPND were very scared that if Mr Lungu decided to stand for presidency today they would lose lamentably.

“Former President Lungu is not under house arrest and he must never be restricted in his movements or interacting with the people. He was president of Zambia for seven years and the UPND should come to terms with the fact that he is still loved with his supporters. The UPND should not be scared about Mr Lungu if they are doing the right things for Zambians,” Mr Musoma said.

He said the government should allow the former president to enjoy his retirement freely without any intimidation from anyone over his benefits because that was his entitlement.


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