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Bolster production to survive recession – Kalumba

WE need to increase production to address the looming recession in the economy, former Minister of Finance Katele Kalumba has said.
He said the only way the economy could be improved was by increased production for export.
Dr Kalumba said, “There will be a serious impact to the treasury if the Government does not react in the manner I am suggesting to improve the economy.”
He said in an interview yesterday, it was important that necessary measures were put in place so that the dwindling economy was revived.
“In think think-tanks group can look into such a package to alleviate the negative impact on the struggling economy.
“Some people must continue to produce enough so that the Kwacha can be strong enough to compete with other foreign currencies,” he said.
Dr Kalumba said there was no time to relax because what was happening in the economy was very worrying.
He said with a global recession, it was prudent that necessary measures were put in place to enable the economy to survive.

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