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ZNUT drags ACC to court

THE Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has been sued by the Zambia National Teachers Union (ZNUT) for alleged obtaining a warrant of access of the union and all its employee illegally.
ZNUT is seeking a declaration that the procedure used to obtain the warrant of access was improper and unreasonable, and contravenes the ACC act no 3 of 2012 and articles 13 15, 17 and 18 of the constitution
It is also seeking an order to strike out the affidavit in support of warrant of access and warrant of access granted to ACC.
The petitioner is ZNUT general secretary Newman Bubala while the respondent is the ACC.
In a statement of claim filed, Mr Bubala states that on March 23 this year, ACC did obtain against ZNUT and all of its employees a warrant of access to have access to the bank details of the petitioner and NRCs and personal details of all its employees without their being any active investigations or consent of the employees or at all.
He states that ACC has no pending investigations against ZNUT or its employees thus the warrant of access is a clear violation of the constitution and an abuse of court process.
Mr Bubala said ACC had not stated what or the purpose and grounds for obtaining the warrant of access, which in turn gave the ACC access to all personal information and private details of all employees without due regard of their privacy as enshrined in Article 17 of the Constitution.
He contends that the violation of privacy is likely to subject the employees to inhuman and degrading treatment as enshrined in the article 15 of the Constitution.
Mr Bubala also states that ACC has not revealed any suspect or given any names of the suspected persons but has rather applied to obtain a warrant of access for all employees of ZNUT at all levels which in turn grants ACC to witch haunt the employees of ZNUT without neither valid reason nor valid grounds and this amount to an act of intimidation.


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