Care4Us bemoans Covid-19 impact on community schools

CARE4US a non-governmental organization supporting community education, sports and food nutritional programme has revealed that the closure of schools due to the Covid-19 spread has left a number of children whodepend on food supply from their community school in Chongwe cut off.
Speaking in an interview after making a donation of food and handsanitisers to various households where most of the community school children come from, Care4Us Country Manager Elijah Mupenda Kasitoka said his organisation decided to reach out to the homes where children from Mashila Community School come from to ensure continued support of the school’s feeding programme.
“During this trying moment we donated hand sanitizers, cooking oil, Kapenta, and 25kg bags of mealie in Chikondwa village,” he said.
“This is the village in which one of our schools is based ‘Care4us Mashila Community school’.
“The kids at this school are on a feeding programme but due to COVID 19 all the schools are closed and kids cannot access the food we give them.”
He said as an organisation, they thought of feeding the kids via making donations to their respective homes.
“It’s not the duty of the government alone to make donations even other NGOs like Churches political parties, charitable organizations or individuals can do the same,” Kasitoka said.
Care4us was founded in 2017 by Daniel KMB Blessington, a Congolese-Norwegian based citizen.
Care4us is intending to feed more than 1000 families from different parts of Zambia by the end of May 2020 if the pandemic persists.


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