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Chirundu residents speak out

RESIDENTS in Chirundu have called for collective efforts towards the fight against Covid-19 so that the pandemic can be eliminated
Mr Allan Kanchili, of Christian compound, said front-line workers needed more support as they were expending tireless efforts in fighting the covid-19.
Mr Kanchili said it was important that every citizen adhered to the World Health Organisation’s preventive measures as well as the Ministry of Health guidelines.
Front-line workers required motivation ad that such could come from strict adherence to prescribed preventive measures.
Mr Kanchili has also commended Chirundu MP, Douglas Siakalima, for joining the fight to end Covid-19 using the media to sensitize the people about the dangers of the pandemic.
Meanwhile, Mr Twaambo Dobbi, also of Christian compound expressed disappointment that the district leadership and businessmen had not made any donations to the public.
Mr Dobbi said the leadership, businessmen and well-wishers should take a leaf from what other leaders in other areas were doing.
“We have seen how MPs, councillors and businessmen are donating different items to people in markets and compounds in other districts. It’s sad that here in Chirundu we have not seen any of these things happening,” he complained.
And Mr David Musenge from Gotagota urged people in communities who wish to continue congregating in their churches to always wear face masks. Mr Musenge said people must be grateful that church gatherings have been allowed and should take the opportunity to pray in the spirit so that God could intervene in this global pandemic.
He said that people should not give baseless excuses for not wearing masks because they could even use washable scarfs to protect themselves and others. Zambians, he said, should use electronic platforms and media to share the gospel or pray from homes and God would still answer prayers.
Meanwhile, Chirundu Town Council public relations officer, Clara Mulenga, said the local authority was disappointed with low levels of compliance among residents and traders in markets.
She said that the council had instructed officers to monitor compliance in all business places.

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