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UPND boycots Covid-19 fight

UPND Members of Parliament have boycotted Covid-19 protective kits, intended for distribution in their constituencies.
The packages are now stranded at Ndeke House.
Southern Province Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba has expressed dismay at the wanton display of neglect of duty in the face of the devastating vovid19 pandemic which has serious ramifications for the nation.
Speaking during a press briefing at the Provincial Administration Office in Choma he revealed that d most of the packages destined for Southern Province constituencies were still at Ndeke House awaiting collection by area Members of Parliament.
“Government has given each MP a package to distribute in his or her own constituency for Covid-19.
Right now most of our packages for Southern Province are still marooned at NdekeHouse.”
Meanwhile, there has been outrage at statements by Choma Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa who suggested that the PF Government of wanting more Covid-19 infections and probably more deaths so that they could be given debt relief.
And the church has described the UPND action as dangerous hypocrisy which should be condemned by all Zambians because they were trying to politic over a non political issue.
“These are the same people who have launched a campaign claiming donated Covid-19 had been stolen, yet the items are at Ndeke House waiting for collection,” Bishops Council of Zambia Secretary General , Able Kaela said.
And Bishop Kaela described Mr Mweetwa’s sentiments as callous and not something that should be coming from a law maker.
He advised the party to desist from using the covid19 situation to score points as Mr Mweetwa was trying to.
And Mr. Liomba expressed worry at the conduct of some Members of Parliament who have shown reluctance at collecting the Covid-19 packages given out by The ministry of Health to distribute in their constituencies.
He said its worrisome for some MPs not wanting to collect the packages for their constituencies despite the Ministry of Health formally communicating to them.
“Yesterday PS Malama was saying most of the MPs have not come despite having communicated to them so that they can come and get” he said.
Efforts to get a comments from Southern Province MPs Mr Mweetwa and his counterpart Jack Mwiimbu by the reporter proved futile as their phones went unanswered , but Namwala member of Parliament MoonoLubezhi who picked said she is not aware of such packages.


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