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It’s economic sabotage

SEVERE economic disruption can be expected from forces promoting regime change in Zambia, intended to install a more compliant Government composed of individuals that have betrayed the people of Zambia in preference for foreign interests, Chinsali Member of Parliament Kalalwe Mukosa has said.
Many foreign companies according to Mr Mukosa were intending to implement tactics similar to measures meant to pressure Government into untenable political circumstances.
He said in an interview that there was no justification to stop mining new ore, while exhausting stockpiles by leaving refineries operating.
“You pay workers to remain idle while exhausting stockpiles. What is the purpose?” he questioned.
Mr Mukosa said it was worthy of note that the same mining company shutting down in Zambia was still operating in South Africa and Congo DRC where circumstances were even more dire.
And former Patriotic Front Mandevu constituency secretary, Lemmy Bwalya urged Government to be wary of some mines which might be working with the opposition as agents of regime change by causing panic in the country.
This follows Mopani’s ploy to use the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to lay off more than 11,000 workers after earlier attempts to put some of its operations on care and maintenance, failed.
Mr Bwalya observed that some mines in Zambia were bent on causing havoc even when the climate was conducive for business.
He said some mines pretend to be making losses when in fact not and resort to manoeuvres that help the opposition gain political mileage.
Mr Bwalya said he suspected that some mines were agents of regime change being used by imperialists to destabilise the country.
And Green Party president, Peter Sinkamba advised Government to take quick punitive action against companies planning to place mining operations under care and maintenance on flimsy grounds.
Mr Sinkamba said that any mining undertaking that was planning to go on care and maintenance on flimsy grounds, was crossing the line and government should not take this lightly.
Mopani yesterday went against Government’s objection to place the Kitwe and Mufulira mines on care and maintenance which would lead to 11, 000 job cuts, as the mining giant cited disruptions to international mobility due to Covid-19.


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