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HH demonising past 4 Presidents


BREBNER Changala has said the Special Audit Report by Dr Ron Mwambwa, who is constitutionally barred from holding the office of the Auditor General is a political document whose main aim is to discredit, malign and demonise the country’s past four Presidents, Levy Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda, Michael Sata and immediate past President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Changala says that President Hichilema has sanctioned the Special Audit dating back to 2006, Zambians should therefore begin to demand that a retrospective audit should be conducted on the manner the Intercontinental and Rainbow Hotels were sold.

 “Let sleeping dogs lie because such discrediting acts of our past Presidents shall easily make Zambians to demand retrospective audits on the manner Intercontinental and Rainbow Hotels were sold CLICK TO READ MORE


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