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Chitotela asks court to stay execution of judgement against grabbing of his properties


RONALD Chitotela has asked the Economic and Financial Crimes’ Court to stay execution of the judgement pending determination of the application to set aside writ of fieri facias obtained by Azadi Investment Limited, to grab his goods and chattels to recover the K5.9 million debt.

In a judgement dated January 9, 2023, Mr Chitotela was ordered to pay K6.5 million owed to Azadi Investment Limited, a construction company he hired to build his residential house situated at property no. CHONG/LN_21188/51, Chongwe district, at a cost of K9.5 million.

On April 19, this year, Azadi Investment applied to the court for a writ of Fifa seeking to enforce the said judgment.

Mr Chitotela, also Pambashe Member of Parliament (MP) has however applied that the said Fifa be set aside CLICK TO READ MORE


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