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Covid-19 death shocks Kafue

KAFUE residents are in shock and apprehensive about their safety following revelations that a man referred from the district hospital had died from coronavirus (Covid-19).
The man, believed to have been a former bank worker, was transferred to the University Teaching Hospital intensive care unit from Kafue General Hospital after he became unconscious.
This has left Kafue residents in fear and panic knowing that the disease is closer to home. Residents are worried because no one knew of the disease and as a result there are apprehensions that some people could have been exposed unknowingly including friends and family.
However, Kafue District Commissioner Joseph Kamana has advised resident not panic, but to continue taking necessary precautions and abide by health rules provided by both President Edgar Lungu and Ministry of Health.
He described the incident as a shock to the town and that everyone should be careful and avoid taking unnecessary trips.
He said it’s a global pandemic henceforth everyone should take part in making sure they are safe and stay home.
“Comprehensive Investigations into the matter are still going on like the minister of health said,” he said.
He encouraged residents not to live in fear, instead take precautions by wearing face masks when going out and if possible to stay home.
“The sensitization in the district are still going on and residents should abide by the directives of the President, ” he said.
Meanwhile, the district has launched a massive sensitisation programme using vehicles with mega phones to round townships.
And some industrious tailors yesterday started sewing cloth masks as residents rushed to buy the items.


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